Remote Play Update (PS4 3.50)

Not long ago Sony released firmware 3.50 for their popular PS4. One of the feature of this new version is remote play support for Windows and Mac. After my first two reviews of remote play (Playstation TV, Remote Play Impressionsย and No news on PS TV) time to take a closer look again.

With Microsofts plans for the UWP and bringing Xbox One playing to the PC, Sonys move it is not a big surprise. In fact, with the Vita / PS TV remote play feature and Playstation Now the also should already have the tech. Nevertheless this was fast: With firmware update 3.50 remote play got compatible with PC (Win 8+) and Mac. The client can be downloaded from

So, if you have read on my old blog entries on remote play on the Playstation platform you can image that I was not very enthusiastic about it.


PC Remote Play

Let’s start with PC remote play. Installation and running the software is not problem at all. You have to connect your dualshock 4 controller with the micro usb interface to your computer and (if not already done) enable remote play on your PS4. A small hint for starters: Go right into the settings because it launches with 540p and refresh frequency set to “standard”. This will give you an unnecessary blurry experience. Go for 720p and set the frequency to “high”. This way play recordings will be disabled but if you do not need it these are the best settings.

I will not do a detailed text here but share my experience. With 720p set up the graphics will not be the best but good enough. And the input lag was highly minimized. I did some tests with Fallout 4, Rocket League, Shovel Knight and Resogun. Opposed to my former experience the input lag is now acceptable. Sony did a great job to improve on this.

Sure, this is not the same as playing with your PS4 at 1080p and you have to keep screen distance in mind. But this is not bad!


PS TV Remote Play

With this nice experience with the remote play feature on Windows I was wondering if the situation with Playstation Television has improved on behalf of that.

To keep things short here too: Yes! The input lag was also minimized with this update and using the PS4 on my Vita TV, oops, PS TV, is now an option again. Personally I would say that the graphic quality is better with PS TV than on PC but that could also be caused by the television and screen distance.

A nice fact to add: With the active standby mode of the PS4 the PC and the PS TV can even remotely start the PS4. Nice!

With the current results even Playstation Now feels more doable now – when we get the bandwidth ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  • Remote Play is really great! I use it now really often.
    Yes of course the 720p is not 1080p, but I think it looks and works good enough to play!

    • ZoolWay

      Have you tried it with Vita/PS TV before 3.50 or just with the PC now?