Publish nuget packages with .NET Core

Some time ago I posted about publishing your own project Open-Source with GitHub and NuGet: Go open-source with your .NET project. Since then many things happened – but today I want to tell you how to publish to NuGet when you have already tipped your toes into the .NET Core lake. For some recent preparations I built a middleware for ASP.NET Core to proxy calls (mainly for APIs and development) to other hosts and/or endpoints. This can especially be helpful to work around CORS restrictions when you host a SPA and have your API on other servers/ports/endpoints ASP.NET Core might proxy that calls for you. This might bring up some interesting posts about Aurelia and .NET Core but for the moment I want to publish that middleware for everyone.

So let’s go back to my old post. The steps involved creating a .nuspec file. With .NET Core this is no longer necessary, the new generation comes with some awesome command line utilities and a project.json for all your project configuration tasks. You can create a .nupkg with a simple dotnet pack call. With some command line arguments you select the build configuration. But with a minimal project.json you might miss some of the typical nuget setting. A blog post of Armen Shimoon reveals all the nice details, read it up: Where Does dotnet Get NuGet Package Metadata?

So with that knowledge we just have to add some authors, owners, releaseNotes, projectUrl, licenseUrl, tags and maybe others. The rest is up to dotnet pack -c Release.

Oh, if you would like to take a look at that API proxy middleware, checkout GlacierCrates.AspNetCore.ApiProxy.

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