Who Is That Guy?

Picture of myself

Greetings! My name is ZoolWay, known as Ricky is the analog world. I am kind of a software fanboy since my early years which where highly influenced by video games and the 80s/90s. Today I work as a software architect and product manager in Tyrol, Austria (while born in Germany).

Most of the time I have been a pure consumer – of blogs, Twitter, StackOverflow, podcasts, social networks, Google search results etc. This is fine but as I started to encouraged collaboration at work I got the feeling I also want to activly contribute and give back in the online world too. And that led to the relaunch of zoolway.com.

This here is my platform to the digital space.

I will publish blog entries whenever I feel like to do it. To the youngest ones this may feel a bit old-fashioned but it neither is in my opinion. Also even today I find lots of great stuff in other blog. So you might find input about programming, video games, creativity, business and private here.

Also I am about to prepare some apps. At first for Android devices so this site will develop towards presenting those as well.