No news on PS TV

Some time ago I wrote about my poor PlayStation TV experience (and why I kept it anyways).

Back then one idea remained: What about when I just stream the video – but not the controller?

I now took some time to find it out. The basic idea is to connect remote play from the PS TV to my PS4 but using the controller connected to the PS4. That might work because the PS4 is quite near and the radio signal of the controller should be strong enough to connect directly to the PS4.

pstv-controller1I switched on my PS4 with a controller and went over to the other screen. So what happens when PS TV connects to your PS4? First, the controller natively connected to the PS4 gets switched off. Okay, being in the other room – still near enough – I switched it on back without problems. But then I had to decide: Is the now “new” controller my user or another one? I am pretty sure I am myself so I selected my account. Unfortunately this resulted in remote play being disconnected! No chance to connect a controller to the PS4 assigned to my user. While I am not sure why Sony did it this way it is annoying.

Still I wanted to check if with a directly connected controller it would feel better (=less lag). So I connected again using a guest account. Sure, I got no PSN access and no save games. But I started a new game in Shovel Knight.
My subjective experience was still poor. Although I would say it was a bit better than using the controller connected to the PS TV it still had way too much lag.

This is my very own feeling about it but I would interpret it as that the video streaming has way too much lag. The controller only seems like a minor part of it (and logically is in terms of bandwidth).

Remember: My setup uses a gigabit full switched ethernet connection between PS TV and PS4.

I am not sure how Sony ever thought this could work and make anyone happy. With all the time the PS TV is already on the market and new romours that there will be now successor to the Vita I consider PS TV also to be dead. I just hope for one or two more games which run natively on the PS TV and make me happy with it 🙁

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