Playstation TV, Remote Play Impressions

For a long time I have been thinking about buying a Playstation TV. Most interesting to me is the remote play feature. Yeah, you know it: Your better part would like to watch something on TV in the living room – many great opportunities to use the PS4 on a second TV. But the online reviews about remote play and even the PS Vita compatibility where less promising.

But last week I could no longer resist to check that out by myself!

The price today is as low as 70 euros (in Austria) plus a sufficient memory card (the 1GB internal is not sufficient for very much when you would like to try Vita games). So I got myself a unit and a card from Amazon.

I will now give some insight at the two most interesting features for me. Because for streaming the SmartTV is more than satisfying in my case I did not check out other features. Also note that I used a DualShock 4 controller and I have connected my PS4 and PS TV both to my ethernet network (1.000 MBit/s).

Remote Play

For now I checked out two games: Resogun and Shovel Knight. They should cover some range of the PS4 game portpolio.

As Resogun is quite fast I was not expecting to much. And yes, I must agree with most online reviews. The input lag is too high for a game depending on reaction. While it works it does not feel right and and died quite more often than usually in this game.

The next game was Shovel Knight. Background to it is that it is a cross-buy title and I got it for PS4 as well as PS Vita (/TV) – so I would be able to try it out via Remote Play and directly on the PS TV.
While Shovel Knight is slower than Resogun I must sadly say the result is the very same. Via remote play it just does not feel right. Our beloved knight seem to be petulant and reacts milliseconds too late. With the outcome of many deaths and more frustation.
But let us compare: Thanks to the cloud feature I uploaded my savegame and loaded it into the PS TV version of the game. This improved my mood a lot as playing Shovel Knight natively on the PS TV turned out to be as much fun as on the PS4. It runs smoothly and without any problems!

Vita compatible games

Thanks to my PS+ membership I was already owning some PS Vita games although I do not own a device. So I started downloading all the stuff available from my PSN account to the PS TV (which filled the half of my 16GB memory card). These games do make a lot of fun and run fine.

But if you look out at all the PS Vita games you might get disappointed again! As I was told by other reviews, very few title of the PS Vita portfolio are really available to PS TV. If the game uses the touch feature of the Vita I can image reasons behind that. But even without those games there should be much more. Also sometimes things get even more interesting: While I found Danganronpa 2 (Goodbye Despair) compatible with PS TV the first part of the series Trigger Happy Havoc is not. I would enjoy to start with this (more of a) graphic novel but like to start from the beginning. So currently a no-buy to me 🙁
According to some discussions on the web this is even not a problem of the developers (Spike Chunsoft) or the publisher (NIS) but of Sony itself. I am not sure why because the developer should be able to make a variant without the need for the touch input and mark the game as PS TV compatible – which obviously has happen for the second part.

I would highly like to see improvements here!


Both features, Remote Play and the Vita compatibility, need much more improvement from Sony. With the integration of the Xbox One and Windows 10 gaming (and streaming) there might be the necessary competition to make Sony rework it a bit. I hope so.

Also it occured to me that I could try to use a controller directly connected to the PS4 instead of the one connected to the PS TV. That could perhabs eliminate the input lag and only the display latency would remain. This means the distance to the PS4 should not be too big but in my case it could work. I will give that a try sometime and report back.

And, yes. That means I did not send my Playstation TV back. I decided to keep it – already addicted to Persona 4 Golden 😉

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