DIY iPhone 5S battery “repair”

IMG_20150509_144105Some time ago my girlfriend realized that her iPhone got “thicker” on one edge. When she showed her mobile to me I tried to press it “back”. But it seemed impossible to fix the case this way. So we decide to be okay with it.

Weeks later she started to complain that the battery of the iPhone did no last long enough to cover a whole day anymore. Even worse the phone just shut down while it displayed a remaining load of 20%.
So I played around a bit to find apps which where stealing the battery power and tried a depth discharge. But nothing improved the situation.

As things got worse and just before she were about to buy a new mobile phone I got the feeling that I should not give up that easily.

After some research on the web I found out that other people having the same problem had a bad battery and exchanging it brought their phone back to brand new factory battery capacity. So the question was – is that something I could do by myself? I took a look at the repair instruction of – and the answer is yes! A few days and repair kit of 30 euros later I was ready to try it out.


Most important is to take your time to do this. The connectors are small and cables are short.


Also every screw has to be “documented” because even if they might look equal to the human eye they are different and the instructions of mention possible damage if you happen to mix them up.


After disconnection of all front parts I had the battery in front of me.


At the point I finally realized that the “thick edge” (which I hoped I could repair when I will be reassembling the device). Not a drop of the phone has caused the case to get damaged and thicker – the battery was expanding! Good luck that it did not explode or take fire!

Let’s have a look on how the bad battery compares to the new one:


So I got a chance to fix the battery issue as well as the “thick edge” issue of the case all together while spending no more than 30 euro (which is less than 1/20 of a new iPhone).

For the files let us also take a look at the inside of a 5S:


Finally, when you do this kind of thing the first time, it is quite exciting to see the device booting up properly after reassembling it.


As you can see the case closes properly again.

Conclusion: If you have some patience I recommend trying to repair it by yourself. Thanks 😉